About Me

I was born in the Philippines and relocated to Sydney Australia in '89.

I've had a camera by my side since my High school days and have been taking photos ever since.

I decided to delve in the serious world of photography in 2009 and purchased a couple of film cameras as they were cheap at the time and was a big fan on slide film.

My love for photography started on the streets late at night where i found the true definition of "light".

I started off by taking  15 minute train rides to the city every Sunday and Monday night with my camera,tripod and skateboard and started exploring.I looked through every nook and cranny for things that interested me and would eventually be a ritual id take on for about 4 months until there was nothing left to find in the city. 

Eventually i would upgrade to a Canon 7D and so begun my never ending search for what i envision in my life's journeys.

Travelling far and wide i looked for ways to put into a photo, what i felt at that very moment and pushed physical limits to capture a view that not too people many see or even capture.

Having friends who share the same passion as me and have the tendency to go on trips with me ever so spontaneously has played such a big role as collaborating, learning and pushing each other makes it so much more fun.

Mid 2017 after extensive use and pushing my 7D to its limits i eventually upgraded to full frame in the form of a Canon 6D.

After visiting Thailand shooting for Sony i purchased a Sigma DP2 compact to take where i started to take photos at a patient and minimalist level.

Eventually i made the switch to Sony in the form of an A7RIII to really maximise my potential.

I hope that my photography inspires you to get out, explore more,throw away your tv and let our beautiful world show you things in real life that you can only dream of.

Think with your eyes

See with your mind